We do not transfer or disclose the personal information of our customers to third parties. We appreciate the privacy of our customers.

Time evaluation

After studying and evaluating the technical task – we report the time for the development of the site.


When studying the technical task from the client – the development team comes up with the logic of the site. In the event that there is a more effective way to develop this or that functionality – we notify the client and discuss the further actions.

Unnecessary work

The client does not always know exactly what he wants. During negotiations with customers – we ask the client about the end point. What does he want to ultimately be realized. In case the client knows exactly what site will be, but, in the technical task there are discrepancies – we tell in more detail how to do better and what will come of it.

Hosting and domain

We provide free services for connecting a domain to hosting and moving the site to a new hosting.

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